As an artist, I understand your practice time is priceless

You only have so little time, you want every hour to be spent creating as much as possible, have the creative juices flowing.

Maybe you’re a curator or a gallerist rushing from studio visits to netwerk events to your writing room to voice your thoughts and impressions.

The core of your work fuels your energy but distractions and the high requirements of contemporary communication tend to drain your batteries.

As a marketeer, I believe strategy is key to stand out

Art marketing is easy, huh? Every so many days, you post a glimpse of your activities on Instagram and start counting the likes.

And with events coming up, you just give your posts a paid boost. Done.

Think again. If you align your goals, think of the long term and use a performant set of digital tools, your efforts will be so much more rewarding. I have managed online marketing for various businesses, and yes: many of those tactics, you can apply to your artistic practise, gallery or art events!

As a project manager, I know you don’t need to handle all that stuff by yourself

I thrive on relieving my clients of the burden of coordinating their communications projects so they can focus on what they do best.

Content planning, print production, digital communication & design are my habitat. I’ll love working with your current partners and will be glad to bring my own network to the table when needed.

And there’s quite some stuff I can do myself for extra speed or budget friendliness.

Let's go!

With 25+ years experience as a project manager in the communication business, I have a nice network of freelancers such as writers, photographers, videographers and designers that will help you establish a fitting presence.

What if we added we’d these skills plus my art passion to your project: wouldn’t that be a nice boost?

Step 1: drop me a line or give me a call.

+32 473 40 33 84